The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fire Temple walkthrough

Now that you’re adult Link and can freely travel back and forth through time (via Temple of Time and Prelude of Light), take some time to plant Magic Beans as young Link and then visit those places as an adult to find helpful hovering plants. As you climb Death Mountain and enter its summit in search of the Fire Temple you’ll access to quite a few of these plants, which then carry you to items that were previously out of reach. The trip to the Fire Temple alone can net you three heart pieces.

Stock up on bottled fairies, then visit Goron City as an adult to gain the Red Tunic. Now step inside the Fire Temple.

Get: Megaton Hammer, Gold Skulltulas x3, Heart Container

Compared to the fourth and sixth dungeons, the fifth is remarkably plain. No weird Poe gimmick or water-based puzzles, just straightforward action with a few head scratchers to trip you up.

Above: You’ll save a series of imprisoned gorons throughout this dungeon. Each time you find one, look behind him for a key

Above: This wall in the large room with the tattered bridge looks unremarkable, but it can be bombed away

Above: To beat this miniboss, use the hookshot to pull him out of his protective fire, then slash as he runs away

Fighting Volvagia: He’s basically a fire-breathing Whack-a-Mole boss; wait for him to pop up out of one of the holes, avoid his initial sweeping attack and then smack him with the Megaton Hammer. Slash him while he’s down and repeat. If you’re good, you can target and damage him while he circles, but it’s kinda tough to nail properly. Just dodge his attacks (and any falling rocks) and you’ll be fine.

After completing this battle, head toward Zora’s Domain for a mini-dungeon, Iron Boots and a Blue Tunic.

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