Pokemon Conquest walkthrough – Beginners Guide

There is a tale as old as the Ransei region. It says a legendary Pokémon will reveal itself to the warrior who is able to unite the entire land under his or her rule. This tale has fueled the hearts of warriors and Pokémon for generations, driving them into countless battles for control. With your trusty Eevee and faithful friends by your side, you might just have what it takes to conquer Ransei. But in case you need a little help reaching your full potential in Pokémon Conquest we have scouted out your enemies and have created these field reports for your tactical consideration.

After you have completed the tutorials, Ignis is the first castle to collect on the way to ruling Ransei.


Enemy Pokémon:

Chimchar (Fire), Tepig (Fire), Bidoof (Normal)

Hideyoshi is the first warrior to defeat on your way to ruling all of Ransei. He rules a sweltering land full of fire and lava. Unfortunately, since you haven’t been given the ability to link with Pokémon or recruit any other warriors you are stuck with Eevee and Jigglypuff. Don’t worry too much though, Hideyoshi is a bit of a push over, but don’t take this hot-tempered warlord lightly.

Every so often the volcano will erupt and spew rocks over random spots on the map. There isn’t much you can do about it and it’s just bad or good luck if you or your opponents get hit. And if you start to feel the heat, head for one of the soothing hot springs to recover some HP. They can be a life saver.

After Ignis

After you defeat Hideyoshi, the game will teach you how to recruit other warriors. You can recruit a warrior and their Pokémon if you defeat them in the first four turns of battle, defeat them with a super effective move, or beat them without any of your Pokémon losing HP.

Now you will also be able to challenge two more castles: Green Leaf and Fontaine. We suggest you train a little bit and recruit a fire Pokemon or two. Then head to Green Leaf, since that is where these fire fighters will be most effective. Plus fire Pokémon will be weak to water moves and Fontaine is full of little squirts.

Also don’t worry about being attacked by the two neighboring castles – they aren’t interested in expanding their territory. So you can train away.

Green Leaf

Enemy Pokémon: Grass type

If you recruited any fire Pokémon they will be extremely useful in this castle.

This battle will revolve more around tactics than pure brute force. There are three banners spread across the battlefield that you have to capture before you can claim victory. Even if you defeat all the enemy Pokémon, you still have to capture the banners by standing in their squares to win. So you might want to split your Pokémon up and go after the two closest banners. Also make sure at least one Pokémon is standing guard over one of your banners. An added benefit is that banners replenish HP every turn you stand in their squares.

If you capture a banner and run you may find yourself losing all three banners pretty quickly. So grab a banner or two and then defeat all Pokémon who come near them. Once you have defeated the advanced forces you should be able to mop up any other enemy Pokémon who stuck to a banner.

The tufts of grass are also secret passages you can use to travel the map quicker. Each passage is a slightly different color than the others. For example, the patch of grass at the bottom-left corner of the map will get you much closer to the banner on the bottom-right corner. If you use your own warrior’s special Top Speed ability you should have enough range to reach this passage on the first turn.

There are a few hazards in this map, including unseen pit traps Pokémon fall into. These traps have random locations and it will take Pokémon a turn to climb out of them, making them useless the turn after falling in. Also watch out for the tall flower squares, they will knock back any Pokémon who venture into them.

So take advantage of those secret passages and stick to your banners and this fight will be in the Poké Ball.


Enemy Pokémon: Water type

Fontaine is a water kingdom. So make sure you recruit a few grass Pokémon before heading here. Their moves will deal tons of damage to all the Pokemon of this castle. Also Carnivine’s ability to float above the ground can be super useful in this fight, if you pick one up that is.

He will then try to wait you out if you don’t hit the button again to close the gates. If you run out of turns before winning the level you will be defeated and sent packing back to your last castle.

When the ditch is dry try to get your Pokémon across the ravine as quickly as possible. Lollygaggers caught in the ditch will be damaged by a wall of water and knocked off into a random direction if the floodgates open again. Other than that this fight isn’t too complicated.

And now you are ready to take on a few more castles in the next section of Pokémon Conquest. But unfortunately we are unable to guide you any further. Fight bravely and take care of your Pokémon!

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