Meet the first person in line for the North American 3DS launch… hes been there since Monday

A New Yorker who apparently doesn’t have anything else to do has become the first person to wait outside Best Buy for the Sunday launch of the 3DS. It had to be someone, but there’s one problem – he got there so early, the NYPD made him leave for loitering.

The dedicated gamer, who goes by the name “Triforce,” started waiting outside the Best Buy in New York City’s Union Square – where the official Nintendo-sponsored launch event will take place – on Monday.

After standing around for an entire day, instead of being commended by the retailer for his dedication, he was greeted by police. Best Buy had called the cops, accusing him of loitering. Despite his attempts at clarifying why he was there, Triforce was asked to leave the premises.

That didn’t stop him, though. After the police left, he snuck back to the store and said he would just duck out of view whenever other employees started getting suspicious. And he’s still waiting there, but now, after nearly three days, he has the store’s support.

“There was a misunderstanding, so it’s not like Best Buy’s being rude,” explained Triforce. “They said they were having other launch parties, so they don’t want to be rude to those fans.”

However, when the clock struck midnight last night, Best Buy said Triforce could officially start the line. He’s still got a long way to go – the store won’t begin selling 3DSes until March 27 – but now he can respectably be named the first in line.

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Mar 24, 2011

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