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Should you accept Elden Ring Melinas accord?

Melina’s accord in Elden Ring is a basic request from the Finger Maiden to let her join you on your journey. It’s easy to be mistrusting in a FromSoftware game but you will have to say yes in order to progress. That’s because Melina is you access to levelling up, …

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt location

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt is an incredibly valuable resource material used for crafting various high end armor sets for the late game of MH Rise’s giant DLC. However, it’s not actually found on any of the monsters in Sunbreak – instead, you’ll have to hunt a deer-like …

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NBA 2K23 guide and everything we know so far

NBA 2K23 pre-orders are open, with four different athletes fronting this year’s game. That means we also know the NBA 2K23 release date at last: it’s Friday, September 9. What other key intel makes the scouting report? Lots, actually – all of which will be covered here between now and …

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