How to get Supple Piel in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Monster Hunter Rise Supple Piel material resource introduced in Sunbreak, the new DLC for MH Rise, is a rare crafting component integral to certain Master Rank armor pieces from various sets. Supple Piel is a spongy, elastic substance that doesn’t have a clear source to obtain, but it’s very easy to get – even farm – once you know how. We’ll go through where to find Supple Piel’s location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak below, as well as how you can use it and farm it as productively as possible.

Farming Supple Piel

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Supple Piel mh

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Supple Piel is difficult to farm beyond doing the basics, as though it’s not especially rare, it’s a resource that can’t really be largely affected by external factors. However, for the most rapid production line possible, here’s some basic advice:

  1. Equip any of the Monster Hunter Rise best weapons for pure damage output (elemental effects aren’t really helpful here).
  2. Head on a Master Rank/MR Expedition to the Frost Islands.
  3. Leap onto your Palamute and ride through areas 4, 7, 8, 10 and 11, in that order.
  4. Kill and Carve every Zamite you see. They’re usually paddling about in shallow water.
  5. If five minutes has elapsed, the Zamite should respawn. If not, complete the expedition from the menu and immediately start it up again.

Supple Piel uses in crafting armor

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Supple Piel mh

(Image credit: Capcom)

Farming Supple Piel shouldn’t be something you have to do often, as it’s not especially valuable when sold, unlike Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite, and its uses in crafting armor are very specific, an integral component for some very certain sets. You can use it to make the following (with the number following stating how many Supple Piel you’ll need):

  • Barioth Vambraces X (gauntlets) – 3
  • Edel Creeper X (gauntlets) – 1
  • Edel Roots X (boots) – 2
  • Edel Visor X (helmet) – 1
  • Makluva Hood X (helmet) – 2
  • Makluva Pants X (boots) – 1

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