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Prime Day Lego deals 2022

Prime Day Lego deals officially ended as of midnight last night – but we’re still seeing discounts and price cuts continue. That means if you’re still looking for something in particular, missed the whole event, or are just browsing for a bargain, there’s a decent chance there’s going to be …

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Should you accept Elden Ring Melinas accord?

Melina’s accord in Elden Ring is a basic request from the Finger Maiden to let her join you on your journey. It’s easy to be mistrusting in a FromSoftware game but you will have to say yes in order to progress. That’s because Melina is you access to levelling up, …

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AEW roster guide for the new rival to WWE 2K22

The AEW Fight Forever roster is taking shape ahead of the game’s upcoming arrival. We still don’t know the AEW Fight Forever release date, but its publisher is confirmed as THQ Nordic, and ex-WWE wrestlers certain sure to feature include CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, AKA Daniel Bryan. However, there’ll …

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