Honkai Star Rail details, story, characters and more

Looking for Honkai Star Rail characters, story or gameplay news? Over the last several weeks, we’ve gathered a lot of new information based on the official website, social media, and trailers. So if you’re looking for the latest facts about HoYoverse’s upcoming turn-based RPG, look no further.

Here’s everything we know so far, from Honkai Star Rail’s rumored release date to every platform confirmed. Ready to hop on the Astral Express?

Honkai Star Rail release date could be March 7

Honkai Star Rail

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail release date is still several months away. The first closed beta was held in late 2021 and the second one will likely start in June 2022. Based on that, we shouldn’t expect Honkai: Star Rail before late 2022 or early 2023.

However, there are strong rumours about a March 7 2023 release date solely based on the fact that one of the characters is called March 7th. Best not to take it too seriously, though. People assumed it was March 7th 2022 initially.

Honkai Star Rail platforms and cross-saves

Honkai Star Rail

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The confirmed platforms for Honkai Star Rail are PC, iOS, and Android. In other words, the same platforms as predecessor Honkai Impact 3rd. 

Since both the first and second closed beta had a cross-save function between PC and mobile devices, we can assume that it will be part of the final game as well. Note that you can’t play on more than one device at the same time.

Honkai Star Rail gameplay and story

Honkai Star Rail

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

According to the developer, Honkai Star Rail is a newcomer-friendly turn-based RPG with an emphasis on strategic combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. The game has a sci-fi theme and a visual style similar to previous HoYoverse games. Although the story takes place in the same galactic universe as the first Honkai game, Honkai Impact 3rd, Star Rail will have its own standalone story. The characters will be a mix of familiar and new faces.

As Star Rail’s protagonist, you’ve been implanted with a Stellaron, a seed of ruin. The guy responsible for your predicament is Destruction, an Aeon (godlike creature) who believes that all civilization should be wiped out. Luckily, that won’t stop you from boarding the Astral Express and travelling through Star Rail’s universe. You’re not alone either; a group of passengers claiming to have inherited the “spirit of the Trailblaze” will join you on your adventures. 

Honkai Star Rail characters

Honkai Star Rail

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

Like previous HoYoverse games, Star Rail’s playable characters have their own Elemental type. The seven Honkai Star Rail Elements are Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Imaginary, and Quantum. The characters are also linked to specific factions and locations. 

Here’s an overview of the confirmed characters so far, their Element, and their backstory. The first group are citizens of Belobog:

  • Sampo (Wind): a silver-tongued salesman from the city of Belobog.
  • Gepard (Ice): captain of the Silvermane Guards in Belobog.
  • Bronya (Wind): heir to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog and Commander of the Silvermane Guards.
  • Pela (Ice): Intelligence Officer of the Silvermane Guards.
  • Serval (Lightning): Rebellious daughter from an important family. Following her wish to become a mechanic, she opened a workshop where she also hosts the occasional rock ‘n roll concert. You can hear Serval playing in one of the Honkai: Star Rail trailers.
  • Natasha (Physical): one of the few doctors in Belobog’s Underworld.
  • Seele (Quantum): a spirited member of Wildfire, an Underworld Faction. 
  • Clara (Physical): a young girl who takes logic and calculations very seriously. And also; she’s raised by a robot.
  • Hook (Fire): leader of The Moles adventure squad, a group of friends located in the Underworld.

The second group are employees from Herta Space Station:

  • Herta (Ice): Herta Space Station’s brilliant master who often appears as a puppet.
  • Arlan (Lightning): head of Herta Space Station’s Security.
  • Asta (Fire): Lead Researcher at Herta Space Station

These three are Stellaron Hunters and possibly criminals:

  • Silver Wolf (Quantum): genius hacker.
  • Kafka (Lightning): a Stellaron Hunter whose name is on the Interastral Peace Corporation’s wanted list.
  • Blade (Wind): wielder of an ancient sword, filled with cracks. “Just like his body and mind’, according to the official character description. 

 Then there’s the steampunk space train gang: 

  • March 7th (Ice): a spirited girl who suffers from amnesia. 
  • Dan Heng (Wind): a reserved man who acts as the Express’ guard.
  • Himeko (Fire): the adventurous scientist who repaired the Astral Express and started the journey.
  • Welt (Imaginary): the wise and experienced former Anti-Entropy Sovereign.

And finally, the characters located in Xianzhou:

  • Jing Yuan (Lightning): general of the Xianzhou Alliance and leader of the Cloud Knights.
  • Sushang (Physical): An amateur but ambitious member of the Cloud Knights.
  • Luocha (Imaginary): A foreign tradesman with medical knowledge. For some reason, he carries a coffin on his back.

Honkai Star Rail locations

Honkai Star Rail

(Image credit: HoYoverse)

The sci-fi universe in Honkai Star Rail is packed with different worlds, each with their own unique landscapes and stories. One of those worlds is Jarilo-VI, a very cold place full of snowy plains. 

Jarilo-VI is home to the last remaining city with human civilization, Belobog. Or, as it is also known, the ‘Last Bastion of Mankind Against the Eternal Freeze’. Belobog is divided into the modern Overworld, from where it is governed, and the Underworld, filled with the remains of the Old World. 

In the Honkai Star Rail trailer shown at the Summer Game Fest, we got a (very) short sneak peek at the Xianzhou Luofu, what appears to be an absolutely massive space ship or bunker.  

And that’s everything we know about Honkai Star Rail for now. Are you excited about this upcoming miHoYo game?

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