First trailer for Danny Boyles Trance: watch online now

The first trailer has gone online for Trance , Danny Boyle’s new film in which James McAvoy plays a fine art auctioneer with a light-fingered tendency to pocket some of the more expensive pieces that come his way.

All is going lucratively until McAvoy takes a bump on the head and forgets where he’s stashed the spoils of his latest heist. And it isn’t just a case of lost profit, since Vincent Cassel’s ringleader isn’t best pleased with McAvoy’s bungling.

Enter Rosario Dawson’s hypnotherapist, who is charged with extracting the info from McAvoy’s brain in order to recover the missing painting…

Take a look, below:

Above everything else, our predominant feeling about this one is that it seems like a whole heap of fun, with the plot rattling along at breakneck speed and McAvoy and co. clearly having a ball.

Co-starring Tuppence Middleton and Danny Sapani, Trance opens in the UK on 27 March 2013.

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