Sorry, Mirrors Edge fans, it looks like DICE is doing Battlefield 2143 next. Or is just trolling you

  • A bit of scenery has been found in Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand DLC has been found (opens in new tab) emblazoned with the number 2143. 2143 is the number after 2142. The PC-only Battlefied 2142 already exists, and is set in the year 2142.

Above: Evidence! Evidence of non-lies!

  • In 2009, EA and DICE released a downloadable mini-sequel to the original – PC-only – Battlefield 1942, called Battlefield 1943. 1943 is the number after 1942.
  • Before Battlefield 2142 was released, it was quietly teased a few times in Battlefield 2’s own Armored Fury add-on pack, via the emblazoning of the number 2142 on car number plates and billboards.

Synergy! Parallels! Echoes of the past rippling into the future, both literally and via in-game universe! Or, you know, a quite fun, quirky marketing ploy by an otherwise cold unfeeling multinational corporation. Either way, I reckon we’re looking at another futuristic Battlefield, very probably a multiplayer-only, bite-sized downloadable one to make up for the original’s lack of console appearance, being officially announced very soon. Probably just after the start of the new year, so as to not confuse the poor folks who are getting BF3 for Christmas because it is a big famous game, but don’t actually know much about games outside of the big famous ones.

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