The Pied Piper set to dance onto cinema screens

Fairytales are in hot demand .

Puss in boots just got his own movie, audiences recently became Tangled up in Rapunzel’s adventures and Snow White is looking to kick ass in not one but two reboots next year.

Today it was announced 20th Century Fox is looking to invest in the Brothers Grimm story, The Pied Piper .

For those of you kiddy-winks who were not read it before bedtime (lucky you), it’s the dark tale of a piper hired to rid a town of a rat infestation.

However when the job is done and the officials refuse to pay him, he uses his his music skills to lure the town’s children from their homes to their tragic deaths.

Not exactly a happily ever after, but there’s great potential in a story that has been pretty much untouched in recent years.

Given that stories like Cinderella have been done to death on screen and the recent Red Riding Hood opened to mixed reviews, Piper is looking like a slightly risky option.

The project is only in the early stages with no director attached yet, although Fox have hired Max Landis to write a script.

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