New Twisted Metal trailer reintroduces Mr Grimm and is charmingly 90s

Around here we love the 90s even more that VH1, and this continued rebooting of the biggest series from that decade has us thrilled for the coming year. Following this year’s Mortal Kombat, we’ve got Tomb Raider, XCOM and Syndicate to look forward to, and on Valentine’s Day there’s Twisted Metal. In case you forgot what made special, this new trailer sums it up with perfect musical accompaniment.

We have to believe that the use of Rob Zombie’s Dragula has to be purposefully ironic, as that song seemed to appear in every game from 1998 to 2004 (including Twisted Metal 4!), but it sets the mood perfectly. Twisted Metal is proud to not take itself seriously, and that includes lovingly ridiculous characters like Mr. Grimm with their flaming chainsaws. Twisted Metal finally returns to Sony systems when it hits PS3 February 14.

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