Sacred Citadel 2D brawler announced by Deep Silver, Sacred 3 coming 2013

It’s been a long while since Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (opens in new tab) debuted on the gaming market back in 2008, and we haven’t heard a whole lot about the series since then. Today, however, we got new information regarding two new games in the series including an offshoot, and a proper sequel.

They released the trailer above today announcing Sacred Citadel, a 2D brawler set in the Sacred universe, but with a decidedly more cartoonish tone. The game features two-dimensional beat-em-up gameplay with giant bosses and vehicular combat with three playable characters which can also be used in the game’s three player co-op.

They also used this opportunity to drop the small detail (opens in new tab) that Sacred 3 will be arriving in 2013. Sacred Citadel is also scheduled for release in 2013 on PC/Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network.

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