Plants vs Zombies 2 announced, release window revealed

Plants vs Zombies (opens in new tab)was an unmitigatedhit (opens in new tab)when it launched on the PC in 2009. It was a hit again when it launched on Xbox 360 and PSN. And again on the iPhone. PopCap has been raking in the cash from this new franchise for years so it was a foregone conclusion that they’ve been working on a sequel.

Today, however, we finally got confirmation and a pretty good idea of when we’ll be seeing the sequel launch. In a press release today, PopCap announced that the sequel to the original smash hit will be coming in late in the Spring of 2013, though they did not clarify beyond that.

PopCap and their owner EA also dropped the bombshell announcement that the upcoming sequel will feature “a bevy of new features, settings, and situations.” With a new, more traditional PvZ game coming we’re wondering if there’s still a chance we’ll see the bizarre PvZ first-person shooter (opens in new tab)that was recently rumored.

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