Remedy helping Rockstar test Max Payne 3

We recently had a chance to not only play developer Remedy’s next title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, we also interviewed one of the developers about the XBLA-exclusive. You’ll see the whole thing soon, but towards the end we asked Remedy producer Matthias Myllyrinne about reports from Rockstar that Remedy had been involved somehow in the making of Max Payne 3, which made sense as Remedy created the first two Payne titles with Rockstar. When asked how Remedy was involved in the franchise they created, we found out they’ve been play testing the game somewhat recently.

Matthias explained, “We’ve known the Rockstar guys for 11, 12 years now and it just felt natural as they were wrapping up Max Payne 3 that they reached out asking for input and feedback. We go, ‘Of course, that’s wonderful.’ We love Max Payne and personally I’ve been with Max for many, many years.” But don’t think Remedy is helping with the coding. Matthias continued, “They’re doing all the heavy lifting, it’s not like we’re doing a significant part of it. We’re not doing development”

Matthias further explained their role: “We’re just giving feedback, giving input, playing the builds and providing our thoughts. Certainly it’s fun. It’s almost like a dream job. You just get to play and give your input. (Rockstar) is very open and secure in what they do. They don’t ship bad games, period. With their kind of attention to detail it’s been fun working with those guys. We’ll continue to offer input as they continue to wrap it up.”

Above: We also recently interviewed Rockstar about the third Max Payne

So there you have it. Not only is Remedy readying a new Alan Wake title, but the team is also getting to play Max Payne 3 way ahead of you. Try not to be too jealous. Meanwhile, expect our full interview with Matthias up soon.

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