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Alan Wake Ending Explained

The Alan Wake ending is a strange one, cryptic and hard to explain, with a focus on emotion and narrative over logic and reason. However, that’s not the most satisfying ending for everybody, and while it’s not entirely clear, there is an explanation for the final cutscene sequence of Alan …

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Alan Wake PC review

Remedy’s Alan Wake, an oft-delayed but critically acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive, is getting a re-release on the PC–complete with all of the DLC add-ons–and we’re digging back in for another trip to Bright Falls to battle the Dark Presence in this great story-driven thriller. You play as the titular Alan …

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Remedy helping Rockstar test Max Payne 3

We recently had a chance to not only play developer Remedy’s next title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, we also interviewed one of the developers about the XBLA-exclusive. You’ll see the whole thing soon, but towards the end we asked Remedy producer Matthias Myllyrinne about reports from Rockstar that Remedy had …

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