Rayman Legends patch to add missing Vita stages

Ubisoft has acknowledged complaints that the Vita version of Rayman Legends doesn’t include all of the stages featured in the home console and PC versions of the game, but has promised to release them “at a later date” via a free patch. Specifically, the Vita version is missing 28 Invasion levels, which are a series of speed-run stages featured in the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC releases.

In a statement issued to CVG, Ubisoft communications manager Gary Steinman said: “Due to a longer development time than expected, we couldn’t initially include the Invasion mode – essentially, a second take on existing Rayman Legends maps — in the Vita version of the game. However, we can confirm that the Invasion Mode will be added via a free patch, at a later date.”

We reviewed the game on PS3 and Wii U and said: “Rayman Legends is easily one of the most feature-rich platformers you’ll likely see, rife with accessibility and challenge in equal measure.” Get our impressions of the Vita version in this Rayman Legends preview published in May.

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