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Hello! This is senior editor Tyler Nagata and I’m excited to announce the launch of GamesRadar’s very own MMO channel. The games industry has come a long way since Richard Garriott first coined the term MMORPG in the late 90’s when Ultima Online was king and EverQuest was the most amazing thing anyone had ever played.

Lately, we’re also seeing the definition of the more general MMO genre expand to embrace shooters like PlanetSide 2, MOBAs like League of Legends, and even action RPGs like Rusty Hearts. And in case you didn’t notice, every title I just mentioned uses the free-to-play business model. With so many new MMOs, and more high quality F2P MMOs, you’ve never had more choices.

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That’s one reason why we created this MMO channel. We want this to be a resource for you, the kind of person that loves loot, the grind, the victories, the defeats, and the kinds of friendships that you’ll only find in the kinds of massive and persistent worlds that only an MMO can deliver. So be sure to visit GamesRadar’s MMO channel for news, previews, reviews, and guides for the titles that matter most to you, the ones we’ll all be playing for years to come.

That being said, this is just the beginning. Like any MMO, GamesRadar’s channel will grow and improve over time. Moving forward, we want GamesRadar to be a bridge of sorts, putting you directly in touch with the developers working on the games you’re most interested in. Expect access to more closed beta test phases, more contests and prizes, interviews, features, videos, live streaming events and much, much more.

It’s a big world out there. Let us help you reach your destination.

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