Valheim player builds a car bed so their Viking can sleep faster

A Valheim player has created their very own car bed for their Viking to retire to every night, and in a truly just world it would max out the local Comfort rating all by itself.

Reddit user Ganginati shared their creation on the Valheim subreddit, offering multiple screenshots for several angles on their marvelous creation. The Viking car bed combines all of the practicality of a standard Valheim bed – which serves as a spawn point and lets you pass the time at night – with the verve and vigor of an adult car bed, like Milhouse’s dad after he got divorced in The Simpsons.

My Viking Car Bed from r/valheim

Ok, not like that – that was sad. This is cool. The entire thing is made with standard in-game items and wooden blocks, with a pair of burning torches for the taillights, glowing yellow mushrooms for the headlights, and a menacing Drake trophy for the hood ornament. The perfect finishing touch is the wooden shields for the wheels, making the whole build look like it’s ready to peel out of that bedroom and go thundering down the mountains. But until we get a Valheim mod for actual, working automobiles, a Viking car bed is the next best thing.

The latest Valheim patch notes include reduced costs for leveling land and better terraforming performance.

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