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Why the next Division game is going mobile

The Division Resurgence is an ambitious undertaking. It’s The Division as we know it – a robust action-role-player with tactical combat, looting, shooting, and the general chaos tied to urban dystopia – but for mobile devices. It’s an offshoot of the main series’ timeline, it’s free-to-play, includes microtransactions, and, according …

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Genshin Impact 3.0 characters officially revealed

Genshin Impact has unveiled three new characters for its upcoming 3.0 update. Earlier today on July 11, miHoYo finally pulled back the curtain on some of the new faces we’ll be meeting in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. The first of these you can see just below, called Tighnari, supposedly …

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Elden Ring gets the wonderful SNES demake treatment

It finally happened: someone’s made an Elden Ring demake for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. YouTube channel 64 Bits has debuted the video just below, showing their demake of Elden Ring for the SNES. The short video gives a lovely look into the pixelated realms of The Lands Between, showing …

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