Matt Smith On Doctor Who #12

His successor should be “cooler” he reckons

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Although Matt Smith continues vague about his plans for his future on Doctor Who , he was still game enough to muse about what kind of Doctor his successor should be in a Press Association interview [via DoctorWhoTV ].

“I think they will need to be a younger, cooler person than me. Or maybe an older, cooler person, who knows?” So, definitely cooler? But aren’t bow ties cool now? But if the Doctors get any younger we’ll be having a foetus playing the Time Lord before long.

But questioned again about his plans for his tenure in the role all he would say is, “I don’t think I’ll be doing it as long as Mr Baker.” He meant of, of course, Tom Baker (seven years) and not Colin Baker (two or three years depending on whether you’re counting the enforced gap year). So hey, we could have Smith around as the Doctor until 2016!

“I just sort of take each year as it comes really,” he added. “We’ve got all the rest of this year to get through and then we’ll just sit down and review it from there and see where it goes… But I love playing the part and I love working with Steven Moffat.”

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