Human Centipede 2 trailer hits Australia

Say what you like about Human Centiped e director Tom Six, but when life hands him lemons, he sure knows how to make lemonade.

Not that we’d drink it, mind you. It’d probably have wee in it. And maybe a bit of poo. But we’re straying from the point.

A new Human Centipede 2 theatrical teaser has hit the internet and it positively revels in the harsh words handed out to it by the sound and reasonable minds at the BBFC.

Using their po-faced criticisms in the same way mainstream flicks use quotes from magazines (such as your friendly neighbourhood Total Film ), Six proves he knows his audience.

They won’t be put off by warnings such as “obscene” and “tasteless and disgusting.”

In fact, they’re precisely the kind of terms that’d get fans of the first film back into cinemas.

We’re not sure how the BBFC feel about being used in this way, but we imagine there’s a few sexual swearwords flying around the office today.

Watch the sound-effect heavy teaser below (targeted at the lucky Australian folk who get to see it uncut) and tell us what you think.

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