XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date confirmed

2K Games announced today that their controversial re-imagining of the X-COM series will bereleasing (opens in new tab)to stores on October 9, 2012 in North America, followed by an international release four days later on October 13.

2K has also announced some extra goodies to go along with the release. Pre-order customers on any platform will receive the “Elite Soldier Pack” downloadable content which features a recruit based on a character from the old X-Com titles.

Meanwhile PC gamers will have access to a boxed special edition which includes an art book, a poster of the in-game headquarters, an XCOM insignia patch, and the game’s soundtrack.

Furthermore, a consensus is building that this October release date for XCOM is actually the reason we saw Bioshock Infinite get delayed (opens in new tab). It wouldn’t make sense for 2K to release the two titles in the same month as it’s fairly clear that Bioshock would cannibalize a large portion of XCOM’s sales.

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