Epic: next-gen experience a substantial leap

Epic Games says next-generation games being made with Unreal Engine 4 will represent a substantial leap above what’s on offer for existing consoles.

Studio founder and CEO Tim Sweeney told Edge that next-gen games will offer a similar experience to what Epic can currently deliver on top of the line PCs.

“We’re more enthusiastic now than ever about the future of high-end platforms,” he said. “What we’re doing on high-end PCs is going to be representative of the future consumer gaming experience and it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be a substantial leap over the current generation.”

Unreal Engine 4 games are expected to debut later this year, with Epic leading the pack with its own titles. Studio vice president Mark Rein said last year: “It’s certainly important for us to have our flagship game. That’s the game for which we develop the engine. Gears of War was the game for which Unreal Engine 3 was developed, and so shipping that has a huge significance for licensees and for us. I think, for Unreal Engine 4, there’ll certainly be a couple of games.”

Check out the Unreal Engine 4 E3 2012 demo and get our impressions of it here.

Sony is expected to reveal PS4 at an event taking place on Wednesday February 20, which the company has teased will let gamers ”see the future”. Check out our PlayStation 4 rumor roundup and Xbox 720 rumour roundup for all the latest leaks and speculation.

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