This is easily the best Christmas present weve had so far

It’s that special time of year when little children stay up late hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus driving his Coca Cola convoy through the night sky and weak-minded consumers are cunningly coerced into partaking in the annual tradition of pissing away money they don’t even have. It’s also that special time of year when we get sent cards and presents in the office from all the lovely PR folk that want us to like their games. And so far the best Christmas present we’ve had has come from the Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies people of PopCap.

It came in a big envelope. First thing out of the envelope were these bits of card:

Potentially not that interesting. But once assembled they made lovely 3D desk calendar things. Look:

We love make and do, so we were already really impressed with PopCap’s Christmas offering thus far. But the best presents are always the ones that aren’t just one present but are actually two presents or maybe even more. In the envelope (which was one of those big envelopes with bubble wrap lining) was also this box:

Yes. It’s one of those magic viewfinders complete with two viewing ‘reels’ showing various PopCap themed pictures in beautiful 3D. Our favourite picture is of a Plants vs. Zombie zombie serving up Christmas dinner, which is a roasted Angry Birds bird. It’d be nice to show you that picture, but the only way to see it is through the magic viewfinder. Magic viewfinders are brilliant. They’re like 3DS but without the headaches.

So well done and thanks to PopCap for the lovely pressie. It’s definitely the best we’ve had so far (and pretty much the only one now we come to think of it). Other PR folks – there is still time to send us an even better ‘gift’. Envelopes full of cash are always welcome.

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