Epic launches Twelve Days of Gearsmas

The holidays aren’t a time for family; they’re a time for fist-bumping COGs and kicking Locust ass. Knowing this, Epic Games has kicked off its Twelve Days of Gearsmas campaign designed to give Gears of War 3 players a daily reason to keep fighting until the jolly fat man’s arrival.

Epic is keeping the full schedule of events and surprises a secret (hence the ‘surprise’ part), however it has posted a comprehensive sneak peak of the Gearsmas activities to come:

Today: Fortifications for free (Gift Boxes aplenty)
Day 2: No Team Love (Friendly Fire in Horde Mode turned on)
Day 3: Much Bigger Heads (Big Head Mutator turned on)
Day 4: Squawking Bird (Cluckshots replace Boomshots)
Day 5: Beasts on the Cheap (Tier Beast more common in Beast mode)
Day 6: Boomers Flaming (Tickers and Flame Boomers in Horde mode)
Day 7: Gibbing Comets Ringing (King of the Hill has Comet Mutator)
Day 8: Experience for Milking (4x multiplier)
Day 9: Locust Ladies Dancing (Bezerkers and laugh track added to every wave)
Day 10: Locust Ladies Dancing (more Lambent per enemy wave)
Day 11: Snowman’s Heads a Popping (characters get snowman heads)
Day 12:
Mortars Incoming (all weapon pickups swapped with Mortars)

Gearsmas will also include a Versus schedule, which is listed as:

Day 1: Brothers to the End for all maps
Day 2: Torque Bow Tag

Day 3: Can you Dig It

Days 4-6: Hardcore Weekend

Days 7 -8: Boom Snipes

Days 9-10: This is My Rifle

Day 11: Thanksgibbing

Day 12: One Shot One Kill

Throughout the 12-day event, Gears of Wars fans will also have a chance to enter for daily prizes on the community site, including today’s Beta Tester t-shirt, and a future GoW3 Vault created by Calibur11. If spending the holidays with space marines and Locust hordes is your thing, make sure to keep tabs on the event page for the daily details.

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