How to get V Rising Paper for researching recipes

V Rising Paper is a basic tool used to research new recipes via the Research Desk, appropriately enough, but uses up a lot of Paper in process as your vampire lord burns through balled-up post-it notes. Paper is found across the V Rising map, largely in Farbane Woods in key bandit/human strongholds, but can also be obtained by setting up a Paper Press in your Castle and using raw materials to farm Paper more efficiently. That being said, you’ll need the Recipe for that too in order to build it, found by making and using a Study, itself the enhanced form of the Research Desk. It sounds complicated, but it’s a lot simpler when broken down into steps – which is what we do below, as we’ll explain in more detail how to get Paper in V Rising, or how to farm your own Paper in the pursuit of research.

How to craft Paper

V Rising

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V Rising Best Weapons

V Rising

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To craft your own Paper you’ll need a Paper Press, but that takes a lot more preparation. To get one, you’ll need to kill Nicholaus the Fallen, a level 37 boss. He doesn’t drop the Press, but instead the Study, which functions like your Research Table, except it requires 75 Scrolls per random study, and has a whole new set of things to uncover. Woof. If you need help finding V Rising Scrolls, check our guide on that.

However, one of the things you can get is the Paper Press, a new construction to set up in your castle. Once you have it, insert the following:

  • Plant Fibres (x4)
  • Sawdust (x12)

This will create one sheet of Paper. Put in more Sawdust and Plant Fibres, and you’ll come away with whole manuscripts of the stuff (as long as you give it time to create the pages). Like all these machines in your Castle, it will require a steady fuel of V Rising Blood Essence, so make sure you have yourself topped up accordingly.

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