V Rising map, world, regions and recommended levels

The V Rising map covers a world known as Vardoran, a gothic-tinged world that’s split into five areas at time of writing: the Farbane Woods, the Dunley Farmlands, the Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills and Hallowed Mountains (though depending on your movements, you might not encounter them in that order). Each area has its own resources, V Rising boss locations, perils and plunder to mark them out, but there’s a fairly comprehensible route for players to progress through: start in Farbane, move into Dunley when you’re ready, then use that as a central hub to explore the areas around you with higher level recommendations. We’ll go into more detail below on the Full V Rising map and what a good vampire king can do with that info.

Full V Rising map of Vardoran

V Rising map

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The V Rising map, Vardoran, is pretty big, currently split into five separate areas at time of writing. Each of these areas tends to escalate in difficulty as the player reaches those levels, effectively opening up the map as your own particular vampire increases in power. We’ve laid out all the areas below, as well as their recommended level requirements and what you can expect to find there!

It’s also worth adding that while most vampires can get about through exploration, horseback riding, animal transformation and all kinds of classic gothic travel, those who feel a little lazier can always try the V Rising console commands and cheats associated with teleportation and blink to different corners of the map. Some vampires can do that, right…?

Farbane Woods (recommended level 1+)

The Farbane Woods are the starting area, with basic threats and ample simple resources. It’s also one of the biggest regions in the game, allowing for ample exploration, though despite its comparative toothlessness, there are a few late-game bosses dotted around for you to come back to. You can get a lot of the early game resources here, like V Rising Whetstones, and it’s also one of the safest places to explore, as the regular tree cover means that you can get out of sunlight in most locations.

Dunley Farmlands (recommended level 35+)

Dunley Farmlands is probably the first area you’ll move into from Farbane, an area filled with humans and all the trappings of civilisation you’d expect from that. Expect more resistance from armies and militias than simple disorganised bandits, but greater rewards for cracking open their villages and towns as a result, usually good construction and building resources. There’s also V Rising Iron located here, one of the most important mid-game resources.

Cursed Forest (recommended level 55+)

Things get nasty on the opposite side of the Farmlands, as the area is full of powerful witches, monsters and undead that can kill any unprepared vampire. The rewards here tend to be magical and arcane in nature, so those who want to start leaning more into the sorcerous progression paths should head here (if they dare).

Silverlight Hills (recommended level 60+)

To the West of Dunley we have human civilization in full force, along with the biggest town in the game, Brighthaven. Valuable luxury resources and Silver are particularly abundant here, for better or worse – those who try to loot the latter will come away rich, but pained by its presence (vampires don’t like silver). There’s also the current toughest boss in the game here, and escaping the glare of sunlight will be tricky. Even when you get into cover, holy areas like Monasteries and Churchs can burn you no matter how much shade you’re in.

Hallowed Mountains (recommended level 60+)

V Rising roadmap

V Rising leather

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To the East of Farbane is a small, icy region that’s very much for high-level players, with numerous bosses and powerful foes. This area looks like it’ll get bigger in the coming months, expanding into the currently-darkened area Southeast of the Cursed Forest, but for those who head to the little white zone on Farbane’s border, they can expect powerful, tundra-dwelling foes guarding various metals and gemstones. 

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