Upcoming mod turns Skyrim into a Harry Potter RPG

Someone is working on a Skyrim mod that makes the College of Winterhold more like Hogwarts, and we can’t wait.

The College of Winterhold currently offers Skyrim players a place to train in the ways of magic. But fans have long felt that this element of the game is too fleeting and underdeveloped to really give you the feeling of attending a magic school. Thankfully, an upcoming mod from popular modder JaySerpa (opens in new tab) is set to expand the college with lessons and practical tests, effectively bringing a Hogwarts-style experience to Bethesda’s RPG.

The College of Winterhold – Quest Expansion mod (opens in new tab) adds seven new missions which you undertake after completing the First Lessons quest before embarking on the Saarthal field trip. These new quests act as a series of “magical lessons”. You’ll get instructed by your professor on a particular spell, after which you’ll spend some time studying before returning to them to assess your new magical ability with a practical exam.

The mod isn’t available yet, but its creator has kindly shared a trailer to give us an idea of how it’s shaping up. The footage showcases the first of the mod’s seven quests where the player must learn a spell that allows them to breathe underwater before setting out on a mission to apply their newfound magical knowledge with a spot of deep-sea diving.

The modder hasn’t specified when The College of Winterhold – Quest Expansion will be available, but we already can’t wait to enroll in the new and improved College of Winterhold.

Recently, JaySerpa brought more realism to Skyrim with a mod that allows NPCs to reject your marriage proposals with hilarious responses like “Woah! Not even I’m that drunk!”

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