ZombiUs Wii U Gamepad features exposed in new trailer

Ubisoft’s cranked its promotion of ZombiU into full gear, appearing at Nintendo’s E3 media conference today to explain how its Wii U exclusive horror game will put the Wii U Gamepad to the test.

As hinted in yesterday’s reveal, Ubisoft unveils ZombiU, the Wii U Gamepad will function as an interactive “Bug Out Bag”, allowing players to swap items on the fly and make short work of their undead pursuers. More than that, however, it will also double as a hacking tool, zombie-basher, environment scanner, sniper scope, and security camera hub. For added kicks, Ubisoft’s even thrown in a “zombifcation” feature that uses the controller’s camera to morph real people into hideous, bloodthirsty monsters. That’s assuming they weren’t already hideous, bloodthirsty monsters; in which case you should choose your company more wisely.

Check out the full spectrum of ZombiU’s Gamepad integration in the new Wii U controller trailer:

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