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10 notable absences at an expo filled with awesome

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Tightly controlled chaos makes for some of the year’s most inspired fun

QOTW:What E3 no show bothered you the most? (opens in new tab)
This year’s E3 had many big games, but some pretty high profile titles and developers were missing. Tell us whichgame you missedmost in the forums and we might just read your response on next Friday’s TalkRadar!

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In the

Above: We got free cupcakes for Sonic’s 20th birth day. Looks like we have to give SonicGenerations a 10 now(JOKING)

In the

Above: Batman 5273was on it again

Above: Grabboidsmade Duke slightly more lovable to Henry

Above: ChrisCultista imagines a much cooler version of E3 than we attended

Above: MrSuitMan sees into Mikel’s soul

Post date: June 24, 2011
T-Dar156 length: 1:38:17
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