Guillermo del Toro in line to direct DC Comics super team-up movie

Guillermo del Toro has long hinted that he’d like to direct another comic-book adaptation, and with Warner Bros extremely impressed by his work on Pacific Rim , the studio has apparently invited him to take his pick from their roster of available studio projects.

However, del Toro has not opted for the seemingly obvious choice of helming Justice League , but has another comic-book adaptation in mind. One devised entirely by himself…

Del Toro’s idea is to combine a number of DC’s magical, monstrous and ghostly superhero properties into an all-new team-up movie, tentatively titled Heaven Sent .

The film would draw upon characters such as Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, The Spectre, Deadman, Phantom Stranger and many more to create a whole new property to rival both Justice League and The Avengers .

Naturally there are a whole heap of legal hurdles to be overcome before this can become a reality, but Warner Bros reportedly has its lawyers attempting to disentangle the various rights agreements to work out whether such a project would be possible.

Whether it comes to pass or not, it’s certainly one of the more original approaches to a comic-book license in recent years, and would be a great way of giving some under-used characters some welcome exposure. Over to you, Warner…

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