Sony planning Captain Planet adaptation

One for fans of ‘90s nostalgia now, as Heat Vision (opens in new tab) is reporting that Sony is set to press forward with an adaptation of popular cartoon series Captain Planet And The Planeteers .

For anyone not familiar with the show, Captain Planet was the green-haired, environmentally-minded superhero charged with “taking pollution down to zero”.

Cap is traditionally accompanied by his five buddies, the Planeteers, all of whom possess a magic ring, the powers of which combine to give our hero his strength.

The studio is apparently in final negotiations to secure the rights to the series, with Mark Gordon, Don Murphy and Susan Montford slated to produce.

Sony are planning to transpose the cartoon aesthetic of the original into a live-action setting, but that’s pretty much the only concrete details we know about this one.

Until we know more, we’ll be revelling in the glory of the opening and closing credits over on YouTube

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