Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies – 8 things to do in Tranzit mode

Survive the zombie apocalypse

Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s Zombies mode doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Treyarch just throws you in the deep end and you either sink or swim. The key to survival is to be prepared, and jumping into the wide-open world of the new Tranzit mode can be a little intimidating. Luckily, we’ve spent some time with the undead and have come up with a few strategies and suggestions that you should do to survive (and some just for fun) in the apocalyptic wasteland.

Use the work benches

Tranzit involves a lot more than just hunkering down and surviving waves of zombie attackers. Now there are “parts” to search for. These can be anything from car doors to mannequin torsos, and each one has a purpose. Gather up parts, try to assemble them on a workbench, and you might get something useful, like a zombie shield that can bash away the undead. Other gadgets will also help you get into secret locations, so keep an eye open for anything you might be able to pick up.

Pimp your ride

The centerpiece of Tranzit is the bus (the main mode of transportation), and you would do well to upgrade the broken down clunker to become a more easily defendable mobile fortress. Certain parts you find on the map won’t be meant for assembling items on the workbench, but but are instead used to improve the bus. Find a ladder sitting around? Grab it and secure it to the bus so you can hop onto the roof for a higher vantage point. There’s even a slated cow catcher you can attach to the front so you’ll just plow through any unfortunate rotting corpses that get in the way.

Seek out the mystery box

This one goes back to Zombies basics. Whether you have a good weapon in your hands can be the the difference between a narrow escape and becoming dinner for the undead horde. To avoid becoming a midnight snack, find the mystery box immediately (the first location is in the garage by the diner). If you save up your cash you can roll the mystery box for a random weapon. The firearms aren’t just the run-of-the-mill assault rifles, there are some handy fictional weapons, like the ray gun and monkey bomb, that can save your life when you and your team are in a pinch. But beware. If you roll the evil teddy bear, the box will transport to a new, random location.

Run into the fog

Though your gamer instincts may tell you to stay within obvious boundaries, like a wall of fog, running into the ominous mist may lead you to some new places to explore–and possibly more creepy crawlies to shoot at than just zombies. More than likely you’ll find a rare weapon or run into a nifty Zombies Easter egg. Believe us; the risk is worth the reward.

Find a way to turn on the power

Back in the old Zombies days (in World at War and Black Ops), turning on the power for the entire map was as easy as flipping a switch. In Tranzit, it’s become a bit more complicated. See all those Perka-Cola machines with all their enticing bonuses? Well, you can’t have them unless you switch on the power. Plus, you’ll get access to even more locations on the map and encounter some supernatural beings. Get out there, open every door, search every crevice, and find that power switch.

Load up on Perka-Cola

Once you get the power on you’ll gain access to the Perka-Cola machines. These fizzy drinks can boost up your character’s abilities to superhuman levels, making you a more efficient zombie slayer. The Revive perk is immediately available in the very first area, but the others like Juggernog and Speed Cola (increased damage absorption and faster reloading, respectfully) are spread throughout the map. If you can manage to gather all of them you’ll feel unstoppable. At least, until the zombies knock you down and you loose them all.

Irritate the driver

The friendly, mechanical bus driver isn’t exactly nice after a stray bullet (or one that’s right on target) hits the back of his head. The driver’s reaction to your constant berating brings back memories of enraged school bus drivers cracking from the sound of preadolescent screams and flying spit wads. It’s hilarious, so if you have a spare moment, unload a few rounds on the guy.

Fall off the bus and get lost

At some point, as you travel from stop to stop, you’ll probably fall off the bus completely by accident. When you do, you’ll feel like that poor sap that gets left behind in a horror movie. Everything is dark, you can’t see ten feet in front of you, and you can even end up running for your life through a cornfield. The sheer fear you experience at these moments is what zombie survival is all about. Be a little careless, test your mettle, and see if you can survive. If you make it out alive, the experience is awesome. If not, there’s always the next round.

Now you’re ready to get started.

There is much more to discover than we’ve mentioned Black Ops II’s Zombies. What exciting moments, secrets, or strategies have you found in the new Tranzit mode? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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