SOCOM 4 intel and Tarocco locations guide

Most shooters these days scatter intel across the campaign in an effort to promote exploration and lengthen the relatively short single player experience. But how many shooters also have Taroccos for you to find? Well, without doing any research whatsoever, we can boldly claim that SOCOM 4 is the only one. We’ve forgone pursuing the intensely satisfying sound of the SOCOM headshot in order to track down every single collectible for you, so enjoy!

You’ll find a mini-map in the corner of every screen to further aid you on your quest. These show you exactly where the item is (indicated by the green arrow), but do not necessarily correspond to where or how the character is standing in the picture. You can also check out the video just below, which details the location of every collectible in just about seven minutes.

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Part 2

First Strike

On the first café table you come across, next to some guns.

After coming down the stairs that lead to the street where the artillery is, immediately turn left to find this Tarocco through a broken window.

After you come down the steps mentioned above, head southeast to this café.

Just a few yards away from the artillery that you’re tasked with destroying. Look on this table.


Resting on this overturned stove in the area where you secure the 707th.

After you clear the enemies from this outpost, look next to the cache of guns and ammo.

Stick to the left as you make your way through the village. You’ll find the intel inside one of the larger huts near the water tower.

On the northernmost section of the docks, near the AA battery.

White Tiger

Near where you stash the body of your second kill.

Inside the ‘Miens Shipping’ building on a desk in the back.

Inside the structure just northeast of the frigate. Found on a crate.

Turn left when coming out of the pump control room to find this intel.

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