Assassins Creed 3 Treasure Chest locations guide – find all of the hidden loot stashes

Assassin’s Creed 3 treasure chests are just one of many type of collectibles scattered about the American Northeast, and many of them hold more than just a few coins. Each treasure chest you come across can contain a bounty of cash, but some also include recipes, consumables, weapons, and more. While treasure maps are available for you to buy at the General Store, you can use our location guide below to help you save some money and loot the treasure chests easily.

In this guide we’ve listed all of the Assassin’s Creed 3 treasure chests, as well as provided maps showing where you can find each one. Most of the treasure chests are in easy-to-reach locations, however some are located in forts and will require you to use some fancy footwork and be sneaky to get to them undetected. Once you’ve found each chest, you’ll then need to pick the lock on it to gain its valuables. If Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered has got you back on the treasure hunt, then pick a location below and get looting those crates.

Boston: North District

AC3 Treasure Boston North

Chest 1
Reward: $1250
Like most of the Boston treasure chests, this one is easily found in the backyard of a house. Simply hop over the fence to find it against the back wall.

Chest 2
Rewards: Naval Duckfoot Recipe, $750
Located in the northeast corner of the city, this chest is guarded by two soldiers. Take them out the sneaky sneaky way and then get the goods.

Boston: Central District

AC3 Treasure Boston Central


AC3 Treasure Boston Central 1

Chest 1
Reward: $1250
This chest is located at the end of a dock to the east of Boston. The chest is guarded by 4 guards, but thankfully they are far enough away that you can swim up to the dock and get to the chest without alerting them.

Chest 2
Rewards: Royal Navy Sea Service Flintlock Recipe, $750
This chest is located in the corner, over a fence, in the yard of a house. It’s simple to spot and poses no troubles.

AC3 Treasure Boston Central 3

Chest 3
Rewards: Spirits Recipe, Cold Medicine Recipe, Quilts Recipe, Fine Furniture Recipe, Jugged Hare Recipe, Playing Cards Recipe, Cough Syrup Recipe, Wigs Recipe, Torches Recipe, Bear Pendant Recipe, $1250
This is another easy chest to reach. It can be found beside a stack of barrels and a guard dog, and is pretty much out in the open.

Chest 4
Reward: $7500
For this chest, you will need to infiltrate Fort Hill and find the chest in the basement. This fort can be a little difficult to break into, so murder your way in and grab the goods when you reach the end of your death spree.

Chest 5
Rewards: Broken Sword Knife Recipe, $750
To the far east of central Boston, you can find this chest at a congregation of British Soliders. They will be guarding the chest which is against a wall, so go to town on the guards in your way to get access to the chest.

Chest 6
Reward: $1250
For this chest, you will need to swim over to the east docks and to the ship that is guarded by 4 guards. Climb up the side of the ship and you will be able to pick the lock of the chest undetected.

Chest 7
Reward: $1454, $750
To get access to this chest, you will need to complete a few Liberation Missions in Boston. Once you have completed a few of them, you will then get access to the Liberation Contact in the Central section. Enter the building at the map marker for it, and then take a walk to the second floor to find the chest. Thankfully you won’t need to pick this lock.

Boston: South District

AC3 Treasure Boston South

Chest 1
Reward: $1250
This chest is located on the bottom level of the fort located at the marker to the far south. Thankfully, if you enter the fort from the north by hopping over the barrels and over the wall, the chest is right in front of you at the bottom of the stairs.

Chest 2
Reward: $7500
For this chest, you will need to infiltrate Fort Independence located to the southwest of Boston. The chest in the middle of the courtyard and has a couple of guards in front of it. If you’re like me and said to hell with the stealth, just wipe out entire fort of guards and then swagger over to the chest like a boss and pop it open.

Chest 3
Rewards: Lincoln’s Sword Replica Recipe, $750
This chest is located in the middle of a camp and is rather easy to access. The guards will likely be too embroiled in a battle of their own to bother paying attention to you.

Chest 4
Reward: $1250
Once you reach the map marker for this chest, look for the stack of boxes that is beside a well. The chest will be against the stack just ripe for the picking.

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