Skyrim PS3 patch out today, comes to 360 and PC this Wednesday

If you were unfortunate enough to try the dazzling wonderful game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a PlayStation 3, you have our pity. As we’ve detailed elsewhere (opens in new tab), after a certain number of hours of Skyrim on the PS3, many players have hit game breaking bugs, including some laughably slow framerate (opens in new tab). At last there seems to be light at the end of this glitchy tunnel, as Bethesda today released a patch for download in the North America and Europe that might finally address these issues for Sony-based players.

On the official blog (opens in new tab) Bethesda detailed the fixes and the PS3’s “occasional performance issues resulting from long term play” was at the top of the list. Other fixes including errant corpses and overly-friendly dragons also made the list, all of which will hopefully not be an issue after this, as we all know Bethesda games are perfect after the first patch. Sarcasm aside, at least it was nice to see Bethesda push live the PS3 patch early, perhaps in recognition of just how widespread the issues are. The 360 and PC iterations of the patch should smooth over some of the problems on those systems when it hits this Wednesday.

Have you installed the update yet, and if so have you noticed any improvements? Looking at comments online, the results seem mixed.

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