Attention Pokemon trainers: Victini Wi-Fi distribution begins this Saturday

To coincide with the release of the latest Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie: White-Victini and Zekrom, a special Victini will be available for download via the Nintendo WFC for anyone with a copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White beginning this Saturday, December 3 and running through the end of the month. Both of Victini’s signature moves, Searing Shot and V-create, have previously been unobtainable outside of Japan (Victini can’t learn them normally), so even the less-than-hardcore Pokemon fans would do well to take advantage of this opportunity.

This level 50 Victini also comes holding a Fire Gem, a one-time use item that boosts Fire-type moves by 50%. Combined with Victini’s Fire-type STAB, you’re looking at at least one easy one-hit KO. As a shout-out to Zekrom and Reshiram, Victini’s moveset also includes Fusion Flare and Fusion bolt, the two cover legendaries’ respective signature moves.

The Victini and Zekrom movie will also be in theaters this weekend only, December 3 and 4 (locations and showtimes here (opens in new tab)), so if you’d like to relive the nostalgia of seeing a Pokemon movie on the big screen, now is the time.

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