Saints Row: The Thirds latest Cherished Memory will take you out at the ballgame

The latest mini-trailer for Saints Row: The Third takes on a leisure activity often called America’s favorite pastime. The game already skewered military-themed FPSes a couple of days back, so the only other candidate for that description would of course be the venerable sport of baseball. This being Saints Row, the game’s played by Steelport rules: aspiring Ruths or Mantles best apply elsewhere, and ballpark mascots may want to skip the clip.

This third clip in Saints Row 3’s Cherished Memories series continues the game’s attacks on energy drink mascots and game show hosts wearing giant cat heads. You’ll have the chance to probe the game’s abiding hatred of all things spongy and promotional when the game launches in mid-November. In the meantime,here’s our most recent preview of the insane title.

Oct 20, 2011

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