Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory launches, flips and crashes in broken heap

Hey, remember that time in Saints Row: The Third when you totally juggled a dude in the air with exploding bullets, and then celebrated his horrific slaughter with a ‘smack that ass’ gesture in full public view? Of course not; the game isn’t even out yet. Nevertheless, according to this Saints Row: The Third Cherished Memory trailer, murdering energy drink mascots will be one of most memorable activities available on the streets of Steelport.

Above: Apparently energy drinks do not give youwings

THQ and Volition have been flaunting Saints Row: The Third’s blissfully absurd gameplay for months. Heck, even its debut teaser trailer kicked the gaming community in the nuts back in March.Earlier this year, producer Greg Donovan told GR Volition had always planned to go balls-out with the next Saints Row game after gauging feedback from the first sequel, noting, “[Saints Row 2] was known for over-the-top gameplay. We saw that resonated well with players; we were like ‘OK, we’ve got a mindmeld going here, we’re in the same kind of level, and so we just wanted to blow out the entire over-the-top experience in Saints Row: The Third.”

If this latest taste has left you hungry for something a little more substantial, make sure to read our most recent hands-on perview.

Saints Row: The Third is scheduled to metaphorically slap PS3, Xbox 360 and PC asses on November 15 in North America, and November 18th in the UK.

Oct 6, 2011

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