Resident Evil Village demo gives us performance comparison between PS5 and PS4 versions

A new video has been released which compares the graphics and performance of Resident Evil Village on Sony consoles.

After the release of the Resident Evil Village demo on Sony consoles, Youtube channel ElAnalistaDeBits (opens in new tab) has posted an in-depth video which compares the graphics, loading times, and performance of the game on the PS5, PS4 Pro, and base PS4 models. 

We’ve already had the official numbers from Capcom in terms of resolution and frame rates that can be expected across all platforms, and the Resident Evil Village demo is living up to those standards so far. The PS5 manages a smooth 4K/60FPS, or 4K/45FPS with ray tracing switched on. From the footage in this video, the difference that ray tracing adds is super noticeable with sharper lighting in the snowy scene. 

We also get a look at the 4K and 1080p modes on the PS4 Pro, as well as the base PS4 version which is running at 900p. The video also confirms that Resident Evil Village uses checkerboard rendering for the PS4 Pro and PS5 4K modes. While the differences are noticeable in side-by-side shots, Resident Evil Village looks great on all platforms.

Loading times are one area where the jump to current generation consoles will be hugely noticeable though. The PS5 version goes from main menu to gameplay in a blistering 1.86 seconds, while the PS4 Pro version takes 33.86 seconds and the base PS4 takes 46.26 seconds. That custom SSD inside the PS5 is putting in serious work here.

Frame rates are slightly more variable depending on the console and mode that you’re playing on. The PS4 version fluctuates between 50 – 60FPS depending on how busy the shot is, which might be off-putting to some players who would prefer a stable 30FPS over an inconsistent 60FPS. The PS4 Pro holds a rock solid 60FPS in 1080p mode, while in the clip it fluctuates in the 40s in 4K mode. This is better than the advertised 4K/30FPS, but the clip in question doesn’t have any combat encounters – we’ll likely see bigger drops in the busier action scenes.

Likewise, the PS5 holds a rock solid 60FPS with ray tracing off, and hovers in the high 50s with ray tracing on. It’s likely that the ray tracing enabled frame rate will get closer to the advertised 45FPS during combat sequences though.

We don’t have any footage from Xbox versions of Resident Evil Village yet because the demo has a timed exclusivity period on Sony consoles. As a result, there are no comparisons between the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions available yet, but the Xbox version of the demo goes live on May 1st.

Resi 8 is almost upon us, but while you wait, checking out some more of the best horror games.

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