Resident Evil Village console resolutions and frame rates revealed

Capcom has unveiled the resolutions and frame rates for Resident Evil Village, on all platforms.

A lot of Resident Evil Village info was revealed during last night’s Resident Evil Showcase, but there have been some extra details dropped since then that shed light on how the game will run on consoles. This might well be the most in-depth console performance breakdown we’ve ever seen, but that’s what happens when there are 4 different Xbox SKUs and 3 PlayStation SKUs to cover, and multiple performance modes on some consoles. And then on top of all that we’ve got the Google Stadia too.

Despite the mammoth size of this performance breakdown, it’s all pretty straightforward and you’ll easily be able to see what resolution and frame rate your console of choice can run Resident Evil Village at. The full list is displayed below or on the Resident Evil website (opens in new tab):


  • PlayStation 5:  4K HDR/60 fps
  • PlayStation 5 (when Ray Tracing is turned on): 4K HDR/45 fps
  • PlayStation 4 PRO: 1080p/60 fps
  • PlayStation 4 PRO (when set to high resolution): 4K HDR/30 fps
  • PlayStation 4: 900p/45 fps


  • Xbox Series X: 4K HDR/60 fps
  • Xbox Series X (when Ray Tracing is turned on): 4K HDR/45 fps
  • Xbox Series S: 1440p HDR/45 fps
  • Xbox Series S (when Ray Tracing is turned on): 1440p HDR/30 fps
  • Xbox One X: 1080p/60 fps
  • Xbox One X (when set to high resolution): 4K HDR/30 fps
  • Xbox One: 900p/30 fps

Google Stadia:

  • Stadia: 1080p/60 fps or 4K/60 fps*

*Note: 4K is upscaled using dynamic resolution.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be able to handle Resident Evil Village at 4K/60 FPS, which is great to see. It’s also interesting to note the 4K/45 FPS targets for both consoles if you have ray tracing enabled. Ray tracing is known to be a heavy performance draw and we can see that here with it knocking 15 frames per second off the game.

What’s maybe more impressive is how well resident Evil Village runs on the mid-gen version of the last console generation, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Both consoles can run the game at either 4K/30 FPS or 1080p/60 FPS.

The numbers are less impressive for the base models of the older generation consoles, but even then we’re looking at respectable figures. Of course, these are just expected frame rates, so it’ll be interesting to see how well the game actually stacks up during intense fights when there are particle effects going off all over the place. Vampire ladies turning into bats are going to drink up your system resources as fast as they’re drinking up poor Ethan’s blood. 

Resident Evil Village is less than a month away from launch, but if you can’t wait until then to get your spooky on then our list of the best horror games should tide you over until then.

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