Remember how Forza 6 had ditched microtransactions? Well…

Considering the furore over Forza Motorsport 5’s payment policies, it was something of a win when Turn 10 revealed that it was ditching microtransactions (opens in new tab) for the follow-up. But, as VideoGamer’s David Scammell (opens in new tab) points out, that might not be the whole picture, because it seems some real-money options have since become available for Forza Motorsport 6 (opens in new tab):

So… did someone start asking for microtransactions in Forza Motorsport 6 or something? 16, 2015

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On the console version of the Xbox One store, you can spend anywhere between £2.39 and £64.99 on tokens to spend in-game. It’s worth pointing out that this actually doesn’t contradict anything Turn 10 has said to us previously. At E3, executive producer, Bill Giese, executive producer told OXM: “Everything is tuned for ‘no tokens’ at launch.” As far as we know, the game is still tuned this way, meaning microtransactions are essentially only for the truly impatient.

That said, content producer John Wendl had used roundtable interviews to say that the only way microtransactions would return is if “players are asking for it, just as an option or something like that.” So, own up, who’s been asking?

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