Pro Skater HD sells 120,000, may warrant “fuller game”

Developer Robomodo said recently that their latest release, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (an HD remake of some of the content from the first two Tony Hawk games) has sold a very respectable 120,000 copies in the weeks since its release. They also said that sales are steady even post-launch.

According to Josh Tsui (opens in new tab), studio director at Robomodo, this may be grounds to approach Activision about a releasing a larger experience. “The prospect of a fuller game is definitely on the table,” but they’d have to figure out the specifics with Activision.

Tsui did not elaborate on what this might mean exactly. A new traditional title in the Pro Skater series? As in, something more akin to the popular original numbered titles, and less like the newer Underground and peripheral-based games? Or perhaps he just means a more complete HD box set of all (or at least many of the original games.)

We didn’t exactly love THPS HD (opens in new tab). But we still have a soft spot for the series, and we’d love to see them take another crack at updating it for the more modern age. As long as they understand that everything they’ve been trying to do with the series in the past 8-10 years has gone quite poorly.

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