Jon M. Chu could direct live-action Masters Of The Universe

He-Man could be heading back to the big screen if Sony Pictures gets its way – the studio is currently in talks with director Jon M. Chu about making a new live-action Masters Of The Universe movie.

It’s still very early days, though, not least because Chu is busy working on GI Joe: Retaliation at the moment, which is going through an expensive 3D post-conversion.

Should Chu take on the project, though, he’ll be the first director to helm a He-Man movie since Gary Goddard in the late 1980s .

Goddard’s film, of course, starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor, and was a costly flop for the Cannon Group.

Though the film’s found a home among fans of cult curios (and kids of the ‘80s), Sony will no doubt be hoping for something slightly less camp (and Star Wars -flavoured), and a little more genuinely entertaining.

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