Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr in talks for live-action Pinocchio

In slightly odd news, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tim Burton is interested in directing a live-action version of the Pinocchio story that’s currently being developed at Warner Bros.

And charisma-factory Robert Downey Jr is said to be interested in the movie (and the prospect of working with Burton).

RDJ would play Gepetto in story that sees him on a mission to reunite with his wooden offspring.

If Warners manages to get these two (among the most bankable names in their fields) to sign on, it’d potentially be one of their biggest properties.

Bryan Fuller ( Pushing Daisies ) has written the script for this one, which isn’t to be confused with the Big Fish -esque Pinocchio prequel that Shawn Levy is attached to.

Guillermo del Toro also has a 3D stop-motion adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic story in the works.

So, by the sounds of it, Pinocchio is gearing up to be the new Snow White

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