Overwatch 2s Junker Queen is 7 feet tall and oh no this is going to be Lady D all over again

The Overwatch 2 devs have confirmed that Junker Queen is seven feet tall – alongside a few details about her abilities.

“She’s not really worried about what she looks like, she just wants to get in there and get stuff done,” senior art supervisor Kacey Helms tells press during a Q&A session. “Plus, she’s seven feet tall – that’s pretty badass in my opinion, being a tall lady myself. I’m very excited to have another powerful tall lady.”

Given what happened with Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu, I think the internet’s going to be plenty excited about having another powerful tall lady, too.

Junker Queen’s actual name is Odessa ‘Dez’ Stone, but as lead narrative designer Gavin J Jurgens-Fyhrie explains, you probably shouldn’t call her that. “I would not recommend calling Junker Queen by her first name or her nickname unless you know her very, very, very, very well. For example, Junkrat is not allowed to call her by her name.”

She will be in the tank role in-game, but she offers support options, too – like a Lucio-style speed boost and an Ana-style anti-heal effect, which makes her particularly deadly in close quarters. “She almost has this aura of fear around her because she’s really deadly in that range,” lead hero designer Geoff Goodman says. “When she’s running at you with the speed boost that just makes everyone scatter and run away, like ‘I do not want to get hit by that ax’.”

Junker Queen has been teased as an addition to Overwatch for years, and Goodman says her playstyle matches well with “what we wanted to do and change with the Overwatch sort of combat system and how tanks worked. She ended up fitting really well into that slot.”

You’ll be able to play Junker Queen for yourself when the next phase of the Overwatch 2 beta kicks off on June 28.

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