Lovely Molly UK poster: world exclusive

It’s been 13 years since Eduardo Sánchez reinvigorated the found footage horror genre with The Blair Witch Project , creating a Cannibal Holocaust for the information age and spawning a million imitators in the process.

So it seems fitting that, on the film’s 13-year anniversary, Sánchez is returning to the genre – with an eye on evolving it even further.

Lovely Molly ‘s haunted house tale – a young girl moves into the house her father died in and starts seeing spooks – is rooted in traditional narrative cinema and interspersed with the sort of shaky-cam found footage on which Sánchez made his name.

It’s an intriguing twist on the both the traditional horror movie, and the found footage format.

Which is why we’re pleased we’ve got our paws on this lovely UK poster, which looks a little bit like it’s been created using a Hipstamatic camera – mixing the best of digital technology with the scratchy nostalgia of a box of photos discovered in the attic.

We’re big fans of the glitchy distortion on the title itself, making it look like a VHS caught mid-pause on the title screen – a very nice detail considering the context.

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[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

Lovely Molly is released on 29 June.

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