Nintendo Badge Arcade on 3DS wants to decorate your screen and… take your money

If you’ve always felt like your 3DS home screen was missing something, perhaps it’s the ability to liberally coat it with stickers. To solve this, the Nintendo Badge Arcade arrives this Friday November 13th with a slew of colourful Ninty characters from Mario Kart, Splatoon and Animal Crossing to plaster across your screen. It also comes with a hefty dose of microtransactions.

Free to download, the arcade lets you try your luck at a crane game to win badges but, and you knew there was a but coming, in order to get any of them you’ll need to pay for ‘plays’. This gets more like a real arcade every second, doesn’t it? Every day you’ll get five free ‘plays’ but that’s only on a practice machine. If you want a go on a proper machine to win badges it’s 90p/ €1 for five plays. There is the chance to win actual plays on the practice machine but there’s no odds on how likely that will be.

It seems a bizarre addition but must have been successful in Japan where it’s been available since 2014. It’s also somewhat strange that these badges take up valuable slots on your 3DS screen, actually making it harder to find your games but it might be nice to know you’ve popped Animal Crossing next to Isabelle, just to be safe You can see the arcade in action in the video below.

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