Guy Ritchie and Brad Pitt in Cannonball Run remake race

Guy Ritchie has been linked to a remake of The Cannonball Run for some time now but it seems things are finally – as Holmes might say – afoot.

The project has hit the gas pedal thanks to a new potential sponsor in the form of General Motors. The car manufacturer is said to have offered up a deal that would be “much larger than your average product placement”.

In keeping with the movie’s race theme, it seems two offers to make the film are also competing with one another.

Guy Ritchie’s Cannonball Run would star Brad Pitt and some of his Ocean’s alumni, be shot in Europe and be funded by Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Shawn Levy’s Cannonball Run would star his Night At The Museum co-hort Ben Stiller and be funded by Fox.

Producer Al Ruddy ( Million Dollar Baby ) is the one playing studios off against each other.

Can’t we make both and then vote which is best after a double-feature?

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