New banner for Man Of Steel

Given the size and profile of the project, we’re surprised we haven’t seen more than the single official still and handful of leaked pap shots thus far released from Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man Of Steel .

However, whilst we’ll have to wait a little longer for another look at Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian hero, Warner has whet our appetite with the release of a new banner for the film, featuring a shiny new take on the classic Superman logo.

Going for a kind of burnished bronze colour scheme, the new logo is (appropriately enough) nicely metallic, suggesting that Snyder’s treatment will be a tough, no-nonsense affair. There’s no yellow filling to be seen either, with Warner going for a leaner, more streamlined effect with this latest incarnation.

The whole thing is more than a little reminiscent of the title screens and posters used in Chris Nolan’s Bat-series, particularly when it comes to the lettering. Subconsciously or otherwise, it makes you feel as though this one is going to be a big deal.

Also featuring Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon and Laurence Fishburne, Man Of Steel will open in the US on 14 June 2013, with a UK release expected shortly after. We can hardly wait…

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